Pro-Tools Elastic Audio Pitch How-To by Ghost Imaging



Here is a production tut showing how to use “Elastic Audio Pitch” on Pro-Tools HD by Ghost of Ghost Imaging.

Ghost Imaging is founded by ElReco Ramon Gillison a versatile audio imaging director and producer whose career spans over 11 years.

They have created commercials for Starbucks, Visa, Disney, Buick and The Style Network and imaging for WEDR-99 JAMZ, 103.9 WDKX, 101.9 KISS-FM, & 93 BLX.

“I am extremely passionate about this thing I called ‘Audio Art’. My goal, through everything I audio image/produce is to entertain and stimulate all 5 senses”, says ElReco.

Contact the Ghost now at or connect via Facebook at

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