Where To Download/Get Ambient or Environment Sounds for Radio Production


Looking for that perfect ambient sound for your production, the right background noise for a conversation in a promo or a simple sound effect, FX libraries can get you all of these.

Websites like Sound-Ideas.com have compilations dedicated to ambient sounds.

I believe they seven libraries for ambient sounds.  They also got a category for foleys and for specialty sounds. But of course, who wants to buy an entire library if what you need is the sound of car keys.

AudioMicro.com is also another site. Their’s is an online searchable site, in which you can sort your queries, so you only need to get what you need.

Also, another great site for sourcing these kind of sounds is the open source FreeSound.org project. Audio are generated and submitted by members. Some of the stuffs though are amateurish, but you will find a considerable number of pro sounds. There are even strange and crazy sounds.

So here is the list:

  1. Sound-Ideas.com
  2. AudioMicro.com (site under maintenance as of this posting)
  3. FreeSound.org (creative-commons licensed sounds)


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