New Brandy Power Intros for Hard Rock FM Indonesia



After reinventing the power intro and using it to put Q-music on the map in Europe, Brandy launches its power intro service now in Asia as well. Hard Rock FM, Indonesia’s leading Broadcast Media Group pop cross-over station, has had its first package produced. The first reactions are extremely enthusiastic.

It’s Brandy’s pleasure to present a demo of the Hard Rock FM power intros on their new Brandy website:

Power Intros were very popular in the 80s. But ever since Brandy reinvented the concept 10 years ago, more and more stations are rediscovering the added value
they can bring to a station.

Not just the DJ’s but the listeners as well are charmed by the wink to the original song, the catchy logos, artist drops, voice over and especially the strong vocal

Hard Rock FM (Indonesia) is one of those enthusiastic supporters: “We are very pleased and proud to be the first in Indonesia to use Power Intros. The production is
excellent and really blends our station’s logo into the music. This is the one of the best alternative strategies to deliver a station’s logo to its listeners.”

The power intros on the Brandy website and Facebook wall have already been heard and downloaded tens of thousands of times.

About Hard Rock FM

Hard Rock FM (Jakarta-Bandung-Surabaya-Bali) calls itself as a “Lifestyle & Entertainment Station” with a wide variety of contemporary music and everything that
make your ears tingle with sensation.
Hard Rock FM is part of MRA Broadcast Media that also owns I Radio Network, Trax FM Group, Cosmopolitan FM and Brava Radio.

About Brandy

Brandy is a Brussels based consultancy and production agency specialized in on-air branding. Brandy consults and creates audio and graphic design for both public and commercial radio and TV-stations in Europe, North- & South-America and Asia


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