Scott & Todd 20th Year Celebration Highlights



The longest running morning radio show in New York had just celebrated its 20th anniversary.

It all started in the spring of 1991, when then WPLJ VP of Programming Tom Cuddy and general manager Mitch Dolan hired Scott Shannon.

Scott was fresh from his recent exit out from Pirate Radio. Shannon, who is credited to the early success of Z100 and the Morning Zoo show, filled in the PD’s post.

He also replaced Rocky Allen in April that year.

Todd is most known for the phone scam segments on the morning show. He was also awarded Billboard Magazine Major Market Air personality of the year six times and Radio and Records Major Market Air personality of the year four times.

Scott and Todd’s contribution to the success of PLJ in New York is so great, they have been used in the station’s slogan and logo ever since 2009.

Scott and Todd Morning Show Jingles from TM Studios (formerly TM Century), Click Here

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