Scott and Todd Morning Show Jingle Montage



The Scott and Todd Morning Show on WPLJ is the longest running morning show in New York.

The duo started in 1991 at the height of the “Top 40 war” in the Big Apple. Scott Shannon was a former jock at Z100, and together with Todd Pettengill, became a staple in NY’s airwaves.

The show attracts one million listeners every week and is known for popular segments like the “Knuckleheads in the News”, “Phone Scams”, and their song parodies.

Also part of its success are its jingles from Dallas-based jingle companies.

When WPLJ was still a Top 40 station, the station commissioned JAM Creative Productions for its station ID jingles, with some cuts resung from original WABC jingles.

TM Studios (formerly TM Century) became the station’s jingle supplier since it switched to Hot AC.

The audio above are a montage of jingles taken from various TM Century packages.

Other pre-Scott and Todd and “Power 95-days” can still be heard on JAM Creative Productions, [Click here to listen]

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