7 Lady Gaga Power Intros

Power intros are the favorite branding tools for hit stations.

They are the strongest way for a radio station to own the hits that it plays.

Brandy has created hundreds of Power Intros.

Brandy can modify these songs perfectly using the station’s logo.

Hits from such artists like Lady Gaga should have your station’s identity stamped on it.

Listen to Lady Gaga Power Intros below

Or learn more about Brandy Power Intros at www.brandy-jingles.com

Brandy Jingles Now On Blink 102 Brazil

Brandy Jingles created a new package for Brazil’s Blink 102. Listen to the package

Lady Gaga Power Intros

Lady Gaga – You And I

Lady Gaga – Judas

Lady Gaga – Bad Romance

Lady Gaga – Love Game

Lady Gaga – Poker Face

Lady Gaga – Poker Face Remix

Lady Gaga – Just Dance

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Lady Gaga Power Intros

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