6 Features Not Allowed on Pandora


Pandora maybe gaining a phenomenal increase of listeners and subscribers, significant ratings versus traditional radio, lots of publicity, and a promise to kill traditional radio, it still lacks some key features.

Although it poses itself a real custom radio (you create your own station), there are certain things on Pandora that you really can’t “customize”.

Check out below the six features not available on Pandora.

1. On-Demand – despite claiming to be a “customized radio”, you cannot really play a song by request or demand.

2. More Than Four Songs By Same Artist – this is quite typical even in traditional radio, but if you are talking about personalized one, your iPod is way better. You can’t play more than four songs from the same artist within three hours.

3. Playlist Preference – you do not decide a playlist on Pandora. You just give them a “seed” or an initial song and they’ll create the station out from it, so where is the part that “you yourself actually create the station”.

4. Replay – you cannot rewind a song, too bad. Again, iPod is better.

5. Caching – unlike traditional audio or mp3 streaming using a browser, Pandora does not cache or save a copy of the track on your device or computer. So if you like to listen to a song offline, you will have to purchase it.

6. Unlimited Skips – sorry, no such thing as unlimited skips, and there are no plans of coming up with such feature ever in the future.

Pandora is a great idea, but we believe it shouldn’t be and will never be qualified as a radio service, not even an internet radio.

However, we think that the service is an amazing avenue for consumers to discover new artists and music.

Thus, Pandora is not for everyone. If you are looking though for a real on-demand music platform, your mp3 gadget is a choice. If you are into the radio experience, there are lots of internet streaming stations out there. But if you like to sit back and discover music, Pandora might just be for you.

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