Why Blue Is The New Bright Idea in CHR Sound Design?


BLUE SOUND DESIGN is more than just an exceptional CHR imaging FX tool kit.

BLUE is also an imaging service offering 18 fully produced sweeps using your station’s VO every quarter.

You’ll get access to the Blue Blog, a social network, offering tips and tricks from imaging coaches, screenshots, and video tutorials.

BLUE’s got your back

Sweeper Shells – just drop in your call letters and go!

Sweeps, hits, stagers, static bursts, wipes, breakers, multi-FX, drones, atmospheres, and more.

Artist IDs, numbers, letters, and phonics add dimension to your CHR imaging.

Music beds for promos, sweepers and talkovers.

Listen to the demo below and visit www.bluesounddesign.com

Blue Sound Design September 2011 Demo

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