Pat Garrett Discovers An ‘Unbelievable Ghost’ In Radio Imaging


“Unbelievable!”, that is how voice talent Pat Garrett describes the radio imaging company Ghost Imaging.

“Ghost Imaging is unbelievable at deadlines, unbelievable at creativity, and unbelievable with multi-format experience.”

“Ghost Imaging has exceeded not only my expectations, but also my clients’ expectations.”

“If you’re looking for an unbelievable imaging producer, I say, go with Ghost Imaging”, says Pat.

Ghost Imaging is founded by ElReco Ramon Gillison a versatile audio imaging director and producer whose career spans over 11 years.

They have created commercials for Starbucks, Visa, Disney, Buick and The Style Network and imaging for WEDR-99 JAMZ, 103.9 WDKX, 101.9 KISS-FM, & 93 BLX.

“I am extremely passionate about this thing I called ‘Audio Art’. My goal, through everything I audio image/produce is to entertain and stimulate all 5 senses”, says ElReco.

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Listen to demos below: