Star 94 Atlanta (Kiss Boston 2006) ReelWorld Resings


WSTR FM is among the legendary stations in the US and home to legends as well. Among is Tom Sullivan who has been on Star 94 since high school and who’s identified with his most popular apprentice Ryan Seacrest.

The 94.1 dial in Atlanta was first inhabited by WGST FM in the 1950s. Then it became WDJK in the 60s and WKXI in 1967. Ten years later the station adopted the WQXI call letters, thus born 94Q.

The station enjoyed dominance for another ten years and then faced a fierce rival in 1989 with Power 99 (WAPW).

Later that year, WSTR rebranded as Star 94, which also coincides with its acquisition of the WSTR call letters from a station in Michigan. The transition also affected its format, bordering between CHR and Hot AC, a format that identified the station for more than 20 years.

In 2010, Star 94 launched the new slogan “Your Life, Your Music” to strengthen its unique Adult Top 40 sound.

WSTR imaging has been uniquely engineered to reflect this stationality. Its recent jingles were from the Kiss Boston 2006 from ReelWorld.

Kiss Boston 2006 ReelWorld Resings (ReelWorld Seattle)

They also had jingles from N2 Effect by Tony Valdez/Chris Cline (now M-Edge Productions) in early 2000s.

Star 94 N2 Effect Jingles, Click Here

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