Emily McIntosh Heard On New French Jingle Package

Emily McIntosh is undoubtedly among the most in demand session vocalists for radio jingle imaging. She is a professional singer as well. This time, her voice lands on one of the biggest stations in France – Metropolys as the key voice for its new jingle package from Brandy Jingles.

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Brussels. The number 1 independent radio in the north of France confirms its confidence in Brandy. Metropolys chose the sought after The Kick package as the basis for an imaging update.

In order to maintain coherence with the existing MetroHits package, the jingles were adapted with the Metropolys 4-note sonic logo and were fitted with the same American vocal sound.

About The Kick
The Kick Vol 1 was originally produced for One FM in Switzerland. The package has since started an international career: aside from the adaptation for Metropolys (France) it’s also been reworked for City Music (Belgium) and Glow FM (the Netherlands).

Mid 2011 the package was enlarged with The Kick Vol 2. The complete package consists of 13 jingles and beds for news, weather and traffic. The package comes with dozens of mix outs and tools that help radio DJ’s to
create the perfect on air flow.

About Metropolys
Metropolys partners with Brandy for its on air imaging ever since its rebranding in 2009. According to MŽdiamŽtrie the station has a cumulative audience share of 6.2%. In the last survey, ratings went up a staggering 20%.

About Brandy
Brandy is a Brussels based consultancy and production agency specialized in on-air branding.
Brandy consults and creates audio and graphic design for both public and commercial radio
and TV-stations in Europe, North-America and Asia.

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