Beatmix with Harry Legg


Harry Legg has just recently voiced a beatmix for Radio 60 “Hatvan” in Hungary.

Everyone at Radio Hatvan on the sign-on of this awesome dance station today! I’m happy to be your station’s “American Image Voice“.

This debut promo was produced by Canadian production wizard, KC Styles!”

You can also listen online to the great sounding stream at The stream works on the iPhone, too.” – Harry via Sound Cloud.

Harry is based in New York City and can be heard on stations throughout the USA as well as in 8 cities in Australia, Sri Lanka, Malta, Austria, Singapore and more.

Hear more of his amazing voice works at

Harry Legg is also a voice talent Benztown Branding Voiceovers

Harry Legg Voices Radio 60 “Hatvan” in Hungary by HarryLegg

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