Z100 Portland Radio Imaging (August 2011)


Z100 Portland or KKRZ FM first aired on November 2, 1983. But its roots go back to the 1940s.

It was then known as KGW FM. In 1955, it was changed to KQFM Q-Music which plays pop AOR.

On March 16, 1981, its format shifted to “Oldies”, thus the name Solid Gold FM 100.

The Oldies format did not last for more than two years, in 1983 KQFM became KKRZ, under the station moniker “The Rose”. When KKRZ launched it was then a HOT AC station.

It then became a CHR station in March 16, 1984, and updated its brand name to Z100, believed to be mirroring its sister station in New York.

But being a mirror station of the popular New York station was not always a guarantee of success. It underwent format swings, as it faced competitions in stations — KXJM in 1999 and KVMX in 2008.

In April of 2009 however, Clear Channel took over KXJM from CBS. The sister stations are now among the Top 10 in Portland ratings.

Z100 Portland Radio Imaging (August 2011) w/ Felix (8/3/11)


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