Video: Atlantic 252 Launching September 1, 1989


It has been 22 years.

Wikipedia: The station was a long wave radio station broadcasting to Ireland and the United Kingdom on 252 kHz (1190 metres) from its 1988 purpose built transmission site Clarkstown radio transmitter, which provided service to Atlantic 252 from 1989 until 2002.

The station’s studios were located just 12 km (7 mi) away in Mornington House, Summerhill Road, Trim, County Meath. Atlantic 252 also had sales offices and studios at 74, Newman Street in London. In 2002 the station’s former frequency and transmitter were used for the failed TeamTalk 252 project.

List of Atlantic 252 Jingle Packages, click here

The frequency was re-subsumed by RTÉ in 2002 to provide a version of RTÉ Radio 1 to the expatriate community in Britain from the Clarkstown radio transmitter.

The very last show on Atlantic was presented by Enda Caldwell on Thursday 20 December 2001.

This was followed by a Tribute show produced by Enda Caldwell and Eric Murphy celebrating the station’s 12 year history of broadcasting and featuring classic airchecks of each year of Atlantic 252’s history then the station went into automation and continued broadcasting music without continuity and just commercials that had been booked for the month of January 2002 for about two to three weeks afterwards until the carrier fell dead and the music stopped playing.

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