Top 4 Apps to Help Facebook Launch New Music Service


Myspace, in its former glory, was more of a music oriented social networking site. It seems like Facebook will be heading this direction too.

After the Pandora buzz, iTunes integration with iCloud and Google tests with Music Beta, the Mark Zuckerberg-run site is looking forward to adding a full-fledged new music service.

The company will be announcing future upgrades to its existing platform, which will enable applications and third party services to offer music streaming seamlessly into the social network.

“They are coming up with an improved set of open APIs [application program interface] that will allow any licensed music service to share listening behavior,” says an industry insider.
This next movie is geared to help startups and independent developers. However, sources revealed that Facebook will be favoring an already established music service, whose owner is an investor of Facebook.

“While Facebook’s upgrades will benefit the myriad of startups that offer streaming music on-demand, Spotify will likely take top billing when the new features are unveiled at the developers’ conference, sources said.

That’s because Sean Parker, who’s been with Facebook almost since the beginning, also is an investor in Spotify. Parker also co-founded Napster, the music file-sharing startup that upended the music industry.” – New York Post

A recent report revealed that four websites are posing to be top partners with Facebook.

1. Spotify
2. Rdio
3. MOG
4. Rootmusic

How will this affect again the radio industry if there is any? Post your comment below.

What is Rdio?

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