The Future Prod Gods of Radio


It’s still too early to tell but these raw talents are promising.

And you can see from their determination and passion.

I am talking about the industry’s youngest producers who may be young at age but have the personality and dedication to be next big names in radio production.

Gavan Bruderer

Gavan Bruderer is our 19 year old producer and voice talent from Utah.

“I am a radio production geek! I produce quality imaging for a variety of stations in many markets across the United States.”, says his social media profile.

Bruderer produces for radio imaging legend Pat Garett and has worked for stations like KVFX.

Gavan posts his imaging demos at

Nic Kelly

Nic Kelly is our guy from the land down under. He produces sweepers, promos and other stuff for the Star FM stations in Australia.

The 16 year old producer is a self-confessed production ninja.

Nic is also a radio presenter, writer and an EMCEE.

His works can be heard on the Benztown Branding Blog where he is also a contributor.

Ari Brown

Ari Brown represents New York.

He has been producing for two stations and was discovered after his amazing sweepers were heard on his personally run internet station.

Ari is a big CHR and Hot AC fan and revealed he is inspired by the Prod God Dave Foxx.

Brown started his own company Dynamik Media Networks at

Listen to their audio works below

Gavan, Nic and Ari are just some of the many young and talented radio producers and voice talents.

In this age of “i-Gadgets” and Pandora, it’s so encouraging to see these guys being passionate about their craft and still believe in radio.

If you know a young radio producer or you happen to be one, tell us, comment below and we’d love to hear from you.

Nic Kelly’s Beatmix

Gavan Bruder’s Prod Work using Reaper

Ari Brown’s Production Showreel

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