ZZTop Rocks Production Vault Classic Rock


Check out all the latest this month on Production Vault Classic Rock.

ZZTop, NASA, Gridiron-themed sounds, and more, catch them at classicrock.productionvault.com and follow them at @reelworld_crock

  1. Welcome back the football season!!! New gridiron-inspired Sound Design, and more, up now on #productionvault
  2. Hot Step!!! For those in the heat of summer, check out the new Custom and Micro Beds! Up now on #productionvault
  3. 8 and B are this week’s features in Numbers and Letters! Up now and ready! #productionvault
  4. Samples and Drops are up now! Check out all the awesomeness at #productionvault!
  5. ZZ Top up in Artist Audio now! Check it out on #productionvault!
  6. Thank You NASA, and the space shuttle program, for 30 great years!!! New Samples and Drops are up now! #productionvault

Production Vault Classic Rock Demo July 2011

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