Imaging Dogs Made “Monster FM” A Happy Puppy


Imaging Dogs was approached by Monster FM, a web station based in New York City.

Sara (Program Director) wanted new imaging because they switched from “Monster Radio” to “Monster FM”

Sara sent us some VO from her regular voice Sharon Feingold and asked us to top it off with a “big voice” to really kick it down

We advised her to use Ron Allen from our voice pack for this job … which she did and she didn’t regret it !

We did 7 cuts (resing) of one of our CHR / Dance packages and a bucket full of sweepers

Sara is another “happy puppy” with their new sound.

“They will fit the format nicely. They sound great. We will definitely keep you in mind for later promo’s – everything is cool for now thanks a million.” – Sara.

“The dogs pulled it off again, woof woof !” — Pascal Standaert of Imaging Dogs.


Monster FM

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