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Denmark-based imaging producer Jakob Maarup recently shared to us his masterpieces for The Voice Denmark.

The elements are provided by Production Vault.

Voices are provided by Dennis Ravn, Dave Kampel, Freya MØller-SØrensen.

The following are power intros, new music promos, concert promos, and top of hour.

You can follow Jakob Maarup on his Twitter.

He also has a Facebook page here.

View more of his radio imaging works on YouTube.


About Jakob Maarup

Born in 1984, Jakob Maarup, Lives in CPH, Denmark, started working on local radio in 1997.

He has worked with National Commercial Radio on Radio 100FM, NOVA FM and THE VOICE.

Jakob has also produced imaging and did the station voice at Nova FM ( DK ) and imaging on The Voice.

He is also hosting shows on THE VOICE.

Production wise, some of the Danish persons who have helped and inspired him a lot are:

Bjarke Rasmussen ( Radio 100 FM ),
Mikkel Westerkam ( Former Imaging Producer SBS Radio, DK, Now: PD at Nova FM )
Dennis Ravn ( Nova FM )

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