T-Pain, iZotope Launch New T-Pain Effect Software


iZotope just announced that it is partnering with the world famous Grammy award winner T-Pain in developing a new vocal processor called, none other than, the T-Pain Effect.

This new software simulates the sonic effect that the famous artist produced every time he cultivates his tracs with Antares Auto Tune.

Now, this should not be confused with the Auto Tune plugin. This is a separate software that does the same effect.

To know more about the T-Pain effect, just visit the official website at www.t-paineffect.com.

T-Pain is an American rapper, record producer, actor and singer-songwriter. He started his rapper career in the group called Nappy Headz.

In the year 2005, on his first album, Rappa Ternt Sanga, he utilized the Auto-Tune plugin on his vocals to create the unique vocal sound that became popularly known as the “T-Pain Effect.”

Below is a recent video shoot of T-Pain’s new commercial, showcasing the T-Pain effect technology.

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