Best Urban Producers Launch SpeakerToyz


Staying relevant to today’s Hip Hop and R&B radio sound, the industry’s best hip-hop and R&B producers gathered and launched SpeakerToyz with a mission to brand your radio station using only top notch production tools.

From using high profile artists ID’s Jay-Z, Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne, Rhianna, Usher, Eminem, and more, custom song intros, listener drops, imaging shells, to Top Hour ID’s, Back To Music’s, Old School, New Music, Mix Show, Spanglish sweepers, and custom beats.

SpeakerToyz is bringing it all to you in one easy-to-download and constantly updated service.

It also covers a sonic toolkit with HD SFX and much more! The package has enough pieces and parts to re-image your station today.

SpeakerToyz is market exclusive. Look for Mike Love to get this service now.

Click here to visit the SpeakerTozy website or look up SpeakerToyz on Facebook.

Demo is voiced by Cayman Kelly, Eric Edwards and Laura Stylez.

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