Music4 and Pure Tonic Radio 1 Jingles


Pure Tonic is among the best production companies in the world right now.

And with its recent Sony Radio Gold Award for Best Station Imaging for Kiss 100 London, one will definitely agree.

The Steve Pigott led company is known for its unique and highly produced sounds.

The BBC Radio 1 imaging for instance showcases the use of individual syllables of human speech and produced them musically.

In fact, some of the jingles that you hear on other stations that air PT imaging are speech based and with today’s technology it’s possible to ”tune” a voice syllable to sound like it was sung.

Music4 remains to be a supplier of Chris Moyles imaging and it’s interesting to hear how the different approaches these to companies when it comes to station branding.

Recently, my friend Steve Martin posted an audio showcasing a Music4 jingle for Chris Moyles, one that particularly ‘pays tribute’ to the creativity of Pure Tonic. Have a listen. The audio is posted originally at Audio uploaded by Stephen Dew.

Pure Tonic Image for BBC Radio 1

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