End Of The World Promo on PV News


Check what Production Vault has been up to this May 2011 for News format. Arnold Schwarzenegger themed Sound Design, and more, are up now on.

It’s a pirate’s life! Pirates of the Caribbean themed Custom and Micro Beds are up.

GET YOUR HOST PROMOS! Beck’s Apocalypse. Why Savage loves Texas. Fun Lovin’ Hannity. The Right Place with Rush.

New Numbers and Letters are up now! Spell, add, subtract to your heart’s content!

This week in Samples and Drops, egos blowing in from the east!

OBAMA & NETANYAHU CLIPS EDITED. The combo press conference is ready for your picking. Look in NEWS clips.

END OF THE WORLD”: Yup…we have a promo ready….just in case. Hear it here: http://bit.ly/mQc0dr

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New News Demo:

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