Producer Gives Free Services To Tornado-Hit Stations


Kyle Whitford is a radio producer, copywriter, radio producer, and internet marketer who runs the website Being also in the same situation as those hit by the calamity, Whitford hopes that by giving free voice work, copywriting and basic radio production, stations can recover fast.

“I have been through situations similar to this and know it takes a big effort to get back to normal. So, I am offering my services free of charge for voice work, some copywriting, and basic production, until these folks can get back on their feet.” – Kyle Whitford.

“I think it is a necessary part of life, to give back. So, I do. ” Whitford added. “When KATRINA hit NEW ORLEANS, I gave a jingle away and other production work for people who were put at a real disadvantage because of the natural disaster. I am independent so my offer goes for anyone in the recent tornado zone in the SOUTH, even competitors across the street from each other. Just contact me and get my work at no charge. I have been given a lot over the years. Giving back is natural.”

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