iZotope Interviews AJ Allen


AJ Allen is the voice, and imaging producer for Sirius XMU, First Wave, Hits 1, and 80s on 8, among others. iZotope is an audio technology provider whose creations include Nectar, Ozone, iDrum for iPhone, and iZotope RX.

iZotope recently interviewed the New York based voice actor/radio producer and shares his life in and outside of radio.

Here are some highlights of the interview:

1.  AJ Allen plays the trumpet.

2.  He used to be in a band called Slow Motion in high school.

3.  AJ used to work at a car dealer business before he got the radio bug.

4.  AJ got the radio bug as an intern at K-Rock Detroit.

5.  He explains using the same “shells” makes all terrestrial radio sound the same.

6.  FOX actually sent him a cease and desist notice, after producing a Family guy theme song for HITS 1.

Read the entire interview here http://www.izotope.com/artists/AJ_allen.asp. You can visit AJ Allen’s website here http://www.ajvoice.com/radio.html

Listen to AJ Allen Demo