TM Creative: 3 Ways To Make Life Easier


TM Creative Demo

1. Create killer spec radio spots in less than four minutes

SpotME is radio’s only automated spec spot service that gives your production team the ability to run around high-quality creative spec spots in less than 4 minutes. Simply visit the SpotME website, choose concepts from varying business categories, add a client name and you’re ready to present!
No longer does your production staff or sales team have to waste valuable time writing scripts or producing spots. SpotME handles it all. It’s truly amazing.

2. Produce more quickly

Production Done Quickly (PDQ) is your resource for high-end commercial production done in a flash. Wit its huge rolodex of major market voice talent, PDQ can turn single-voice spots in 24 hours, and multi-voice spots (complete with background music if requested) in 48 hours.
Accessible from anywhere on the web, PDQ’s online submission form is simple and easy to use. If you need help producing commercials or just need a few new voices, PDQ is your cost affordable solution available for cash or barter.


3. Create radio campaigns more effectively

Campaign creator is the industry’s newest updating “advertiser-focused” jingle service. It is designed so that stations may offer their advertisers superior creative, while keeping an eye on the bottom line. You’ll receive a large bundle of major market generic jingles to use as spec or run on the air.
We’ll update your generics quarterly, and even customize a number of jingles for your clients during the contract term. Help you and your advertisers and close more business with Campaign Creator.

TM Creative is a division of TM Studios. Get five free downloads from its newest service SpotME by click here