Party 934 Forms Creative Services Team


Independent urban station Party 934, Hudson Valley, NY, announces the establishment of its Creative Services department, headed by voiceover artist Jason LeBlanc, and producers Zack Morse and Jim Hudson. The CSD is responsible for the stations’ radio imaging, IDs, sweepers, and promos.

Jason LeBlanc has been VOing the station since 2008. He has done voice works for Disney, Pixar, and Time Warner Cable.

Jim Hudson, whose 20 years of imaging experience has been indispensable for Party 934, has worked for KI00 FM, WBNS FM, and WCLT AM among others.

Hudson is joined by Zack Morse, who is no stranger imaging since his days in Channel Z Cincinnati and Y100 Philadelphia.

“I don’t really think I can find a more talented group of folks to lead through the next generation of radio. Jason, Jim, and Zack are clearly professionals and I can’t wait to hear some new sweepers on the air”, Scott McWilliams, PD.

The new creative services team will bring in out of the box station imaging that will put this indie station on the map of New York radio.

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