ReelWorld’s New Hit Music Imaging is a Smasher!



ReelWorld released the latest update on the new RED Hits service for April of 2019 including the new branded intro of Taylor’s new hit ME.

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This month’s update includes new power intro for Swift and Urie’s new song ME!

“Me!”, Taylor’s new video that has already broken all records. In just 24 hours, the clip received over 65 million views.

After two years away from the scene, Taylor is back and did it in style: her new single, feat. Brandon , entitled ” Me! “Has already won over fans from all over the world.

The video of the song has already broken all the records: in the first 24 hours after the publication the clip has in fact obtained over  65 million views . After only 4 days the number has grown to almost 100 million , a goal that will certainly be achieved soon.

Meanwhile, Taylor can be said to be satisfied given that with this boom on YouTube she has already beaten her colleague Ariana Grande who, with the video of ” Thank U, Next “, got 55.4 million views in a single day . The singer wanted to thank the fans for the affection received but also the talented dancers who appear in the clip: ” Thank you for making the video so magical and keeping the secret so long, ” he wrote on social media.

But that’s not all: Taylor, in fact, announced that he had adopted the kitten that appears in the clip along with his two kittens, Meredith Gray and Olivia . The cat was named Benjamin Button and the singer loves it. As for the song, destined to become a pop hit, Taylor recently explained: “ME! is a song that talks about when you embrace (and you own) your individuality “.

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