This New CHR Package is Feel Good Infused



Planet Radio 2019 Jingle Package from Wisebuddah
Planet Radio 2019 Jingle Package from Wisebuddah

Wisebuddah Jingles return to Planet Radio

Germany’s Planet Radio has once again launched a brand-new custom ID jingle package produced by Wisebuddah in London. The CHR station, based in Frankfurt, returned to Wisebuddah for a package comprised of a TOTH and Showopener suite, alongside 15 new IDs.

Mick von Oppen and Elinor Pomeranz, Planet Radio, said: “As with the last couple of years, Wisebuddah provided Planet Radio with a great sound package, tailored to our sound ID and exceeding our expectations.

Professional, up-to-date and fun! It’s always a pleasure to work them and thanks to the entire Wisebuddah Family for the magic you create!”

Wisebuddah Jingles’ General Manager, Phil Tozer, added: “We’re very excited to launch this new package for Planet Radio, as we’ve developed the sound from our previous work with them to infuse some real feel-good elements into the music and vocals to create a cool, clear and contemporary mix for CHR in 2019!”

Wisebuddah has also recently created new packages for Radio 538 (Netherlands), Hits Radio (UK) and Fun Radio (France). Check out all of the audio at

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