This Dublin Station’s Imaging is Clean and Suave



Today FM 2019 Radio Imaging posted by Paul Duffy

Other news: SoundCloud Elevates Accessibility

Although not many people think of SoundCloud as a direct rival to Apple Music and Spotify , the company behind the famous online audio distribution platform has actually released its subscription-based music streaming service in 2016.

Until now, subscribers they could choose a SoundCloud Pro plan for 5.25 euros a month or pay 8.25 euros for a Pro Unlimited service level .

But now the company is finally treating students at a discount as it is already available on Spotify and Apple Music. By simply confirming their enrollment at a college or university, new users and those who already have an account can get full access to all the premium benefits of SoundCloud Pro Unlimited at the price of 5.25 euros per month.

Available on iOS and Android devices , as well as directly on the web, Pro Unlimited comes with high quality, ad-free audio support, unlimited streaming capabilities on demand, offline listening capabilities and an extended catalog of over 150 million songs . The non-Plus service level actually lacks approximately 30 million “premium” songs and comes with a “feature” preview that is largely useless, offering 30 seconds of listening for each song.

Fortunately, students no longer need to live with these compromises and SoundCloud seems to be taking the boom in the music streaming market seriously. Of course, Apple Music and Spotify also offer discounts for families, which SoundCloud could consider implementing.

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