6 Radio ID Sweepers for Hit Music Authority



Check out these radio imaging sweepers for stations that play hit music and where hits rule.

Hit Music Certified
Certified Hit Music
Hit Music Rules On This Station
Coz We Are Hit Music Ruler
Hit Music Authorized
Hits and Noting But Hit Music

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Other Article:

Radio Stations Should Not Ban Artists or Songs

According to The Sunday Times , BBC Radio has banned Michael Jackson’s songs following all the media fuss about ” Leaving Neverland ” and the accusations of the pop king’s family. In these days, the documentary on Michael is aired in America on HBO and will soon be broadcast in the United Kingdom.

In the film James Safechuck and Wade Robson tell of when as children they were abused and abused by the singer. The family of Michael Jackson considered the film full of false accusations and asked the issuer for a compensation of 100 million dollars. A few days ago, during a BBC interview, Robson said: ” Every time I spent the night with him, he abused me. Caressing and touching my whole body and my penis .”

For its part, the British radio and television network has announced: ” We do not ban songs or artists and Michael Jackson, like any other artist, can be passed on to BBC Radio. We consider each piece on its merit, and decisions on what we send in wave on the different channels are always realized taking into account the public and the context “. The last time the radio broadcasted a piece by Michael was February 23rd .

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