Splat! Radio Imaging Puts More Colors with Real Artist Sounds



A collection of sounds showcasing the amazing works of Splat! Radio Imaging using their Pop CHR service. Paint your station sound with authentic artist audio, visit https://www.splatonline.com/radio-imaging/

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SoundCloud Has Become More Than Just SoundCloud

SoundCloud has become a music distributor

Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, YouTube, Instagram. Wherever you want to distribute your songs, from today you can also do it via SoundCloud . And above all: you will receive 100% royalties.

Simply complete revenues. The announcement comes from Kerry Trainor, CEO of Soundcloud, who confirms the news as more support for the artists and their economic rights on the distributed works. The function – exclusive for PRO and PRO Unlimited users – will currently be limited to those with a total of 5000 plays or more registered on their account.

This represents a very useful upgrade for a platform that seemed close to collapse only a few years ago and that today gives us further evidence of the importance of its existence in the current scenario of distribution and musical enjoyment – despite the still many question marks – especially in light of the vast map of emerging talents who continue to see SoundCloud as the main platform for their very first creations, especially in urban settings but also in the dance scene. Trainor said it clearly : ” SoundCloud wants to become the main destination for those who need to distribute their music.”

The entry of SoundCloud in the world of distributors, and with these conditions, represents a very interesting turning point in a market, that of streaming, which is still redefining its own rules and dynamics.

If it is true that some players are strongly dominant, and others are gaining ground by gaining market shares, the fact that a platform born as a showcase for musicians starts playing the same league as those who have so far only taken finished products it’s something new. Also for the production-distribution-promotion chain of music itself.

Furthermore, the factor of rights should not be underestimated: 100% of royalties seem to be a very high percentage, impossible to hold if you want to have a profit margin. On the other hand, there are often complaints and controversies against streaming companies that – apparently – pay too low percentages to allow musicians to maintain themselves.

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