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Soundcloud implements digital streaming and distribution services giving its users the possibility of being paid for the dissemination of their music.

It’s called Premier , the service in upgrade of the popular social-musical platform already available for some days that allows the automatic integration of the original music of any artist published and made available via SoundCloud immediately also through other social and streaming platforms such as Spotify, YouTube Music , Apple Music, Amazon Music, Instagram, allowing users to be monetized for their streams.

While most of the other platforms have progressively reduced the fees paid to the artists, SoundCloud, in contrast, has announced that users of the new service will receive 55% net revenue for the songs loaded, while the company undertakes to pay to the respective holders of publication rights directly and without intermediation.

The difference from Spotify and Apple Music is that the payment system of Soundcloud Premier calculate the compensation on the basis of revenues from advertising and subscriptions aagli dunqe and in proportion to the turnover generated by the streaming platform, so different each month .

In order to have access to this feature it is necessary first of all to be “eligible”, that is to say suitable to the criteria established by SoundCloud : having at least 18 years, a number of plays in the last month not less than 5,000 in the countries where the service has already been monetized ( France, Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Ireland, the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand), have no existing copyright disputes and be authors of original music without using copyrighted material including, of course , unauthorized samples.

Tracks loaded and deemed suitable to be listened to anywhere, but users will only receive compensation based on the ratings in the countries listed above.

The new service, which is currently in beta, will soon be made available to SoundCloud Pro and SoundCloud Pro Unlimited users without additional surcharge on the monthly subscription.

Subscriptions with an account identified by the platform as “eligible creators” will receive an email in the coming weeks with an invitation to test the new features.

The intention of Soundcloud, according to the statements of the CEO Kerry Trainor , is to make the Premier function progressively available to the whole community, responding on the one hand to the choice of supporting creatives and, on the other hand, of giving the right emphasis to diversity of the site which is one of the strengths of the platform with an eye on the emerging world: even more impetus will be given to the “Fresh Pressed” and “First on SoundCloud” playlists and to new functions to allow users to shoot their own first music videos.

The news just follows the announcement that aroused considerable interest among the wide audience of DJs and producers: it is only a few months ago, in fact, the possibility for all SoundCloud Go + subscribers to use the complete database of over 190 million of tracks through integrated mixing software such as Traktor, Serato , Virtual DJ, Hercules, Mixvibes and DEX3.

At a later stage the function will probably also be extended to podcasts, DJ sets and remixes.

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