Find Out Which Among Google, Apple or Amazon Will Dominate the Smart Speaker Market



The base installed in December 2018 reached 66 million units. 35% of users have more than one. Amazon dominates the ranking: seven devices sold out of ten are from the Echo line. Google and Apple follow closely.

Smart speakers are experiencing a golden age. According to the latest data from the Cirp analysis company, last December in the United States the installed base of smart speakers reached 66 million . This is an increase of 78.4 percent year on year and 24.5 percent compared to September. Amazon is driving the market with its varied range of Echo products. The Seattle giant has in fact taken home 70 percent of the shares , followed a long distance from Google with its Home devices (24 percent). Apple has instead won the third step of the podium, with the Homepods that have shrunk only 6 percent of market share, equal to about four million units sold.

Most of all, however, enthusiasts are interested in buying, that is to say that group of users who already own an intelligent loudspeaker. According to Cirp, people who have more than one smart speaker at home are 35 percent of the total. In December 2017, it was 18 percent. The panel interviewed by the research company is of 500 users who own devices of this kind and the research was carried out from the first to the 11th of January.

As usual, the Christmas period has boosted sales, even if it has not changed the market shares of the various producers. “The relative market share has remained fairly stable,” said Josh Lowitz , a partner and co-founder of Cirp. The analyst is not amazed by Apple’s third place, which offers a single model of speaker, among other things very expensive. Apple will not be able to expand its presence in the sector “until it offers an entry-level device, closer to Echo Dot and Home Mini,” Lowitz concluded.

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