This Radio Group is ‘Broadcasting’ to Smart Speakers without Aggregators



Sphera Holding, a reality born from the merger of two historic radio groups in Northern Italy, the Company Group and the Radio Padova Group, focuses on new technologies and announces the disembarkation of all its broadcasters with proprietary applications on smart speakers.

As highlighted by the work of Radiocompass , the event organized by Mindshare and Fcp – Assoradio, the world of radio is investing in order to broaden its presence to new technological devices, such as smart speakers.

The 6 broadcasters (Radio Company, Radio Padova, Radio 80, Easy Network, Radio Company Easy and Radio Valbelluna) and the 5 web radios of Sphera Holding Company, widespread in Veneto and Friuli, are therefore directly present on the Amazon Alexa and Google Home speakers thanks to the partnership with the Fluidstream operator.

“From today we are the first area publishers to be able to make listeners listen via Smart Speaker access directly with both Google and Alexa, without the intermediary aggregators,” says Anacleto Comin, CEO of the Company Group. “Interaction with the radio thus becomes even tighter and more personalized, also guaranteeing a high quality of sound. As editors, together with our colleagues represented in our national dealership Teamradio, we are very careful and we are investing resources to understand how radio listening will change in the coming years and how technology will renew the use of audio streams produced by us “.

The advertising sales of the Group companies are managed internally by Trend Comunicazione for the local and by Teamradio for the national team.

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