In Vietnam, This Fake Antique Radio Appliance is Hot Item



This product introduced in CES 2019 became a topic of discussion in local tech in Vietnam, in a country where radio is still hailed the king of media.

Polaroid is quite similar to Kodak, all create products with modern features, but with design elements of the 80s and 90s. Polaroid PBT533 is such a product. This is a wireless speaker, but can be used as a radio (FM) with a very classic exterior.

Speakers have 4 color options: blue, green, black and pink. Perhaps the most ‘nostalgic’ color version is moss green.

Link to the product here

Polaroid PBT533 has a simple design, with 2 front swivels and a handle so users can take it anywhere.

The small speaker, along with the weight of only about 680 grams, has a very high mobility.

2 revolutions used to adjust the radio and volume frequencies, are all accentuated like the old-fashioned twist buttons.

On the back, we have extra vents for the woofer (subwoofer), on and off buttons and connectivity ports including micro USB and 3.5mm charging ports for listening to wired music. According to the company, speakers can play music wirelessly for 6 hours, but of course, when the battery runs out, users can use it in the form of plugging.

In this day and age of internet radio, podcasts, YouTube and spotify, products like this are a still a commodity in countries in Asia, where radio is the top choice of media consumption by listeners. Polaroid PBT533 is priced quite cheap, only 33 USD

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