7 Production Music Positive Instrumental CHR, Hot AC, AC, Classic Hits



A production music for audio production. Pop, positive, great for promos, spots, or for live talkover. Fit for CHR, Hot AC, AC formats.

Also a terrific music bed for summer productions.

The theme also has an optimistic vibe into it so can also be appropriate for motivational or even faith based radio formats.

Music feel sounds like the songs of Kyg0 and Sel3na G0mez.

1.) How to get the production music track, open this page here

2.) Sweet uplifting, romcom feel music background, open this page here

3.) Powerful motivational look up to the sky tomorrow is gonna be ok feel, open this page here

4.) Great for auto commercials, classic rock or classic hits, alternative, edgy, open this page here

5.) Here is a laid back looking forward corporate soft AC or HOT AC music bed, open this page here

6.) Another pop chick flic romcom kindof music bed that perfect for Christmas or holidays, open this page here

7.) Spring or summer or for Valentines, this is just feel good soft AC audio production bed, open this page here

These are for non commercial usage only

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