This Apple Product is Podcast Creator Friendly and Future-proofed



Apple has prepared new spots dedicated to IPad to highlight features such as multitasking, Apple Pencil 2, drag & drop files, the ability to take advantage of USB-C and features of apps such as Keynote, GarageBand and Note.

On its YouTube channel, Apple has shared a series of new commercials that show some of the things that can be done with iPad Pro, highlighting the various features and functionality of the device.

The new videos are five in all and show features such as the ability to do many things without the need for paper: taking notes, scanning documents, signing documents, preparing drafts without notebooks, writing, highlighting, emphasizing texts without the need for paper, archiving mountains of received and access everything from the cloud.

A different video shows the ability to create presentations by opening Keynote and dragging items with drag & drop, customize with the Apple Pencil some aspects, edit backgrounds, create animations, share presentations with AirPlay, add notes on the fly.

The third spot highlights the possibility of creating podcasts using the Anchor app , a USB-C microphone, displaying reference notes, recording audio, cutting some parts, creating themed songs with GarageBand using, among other things, drag & drop , and publish the result.

A fourth spot shows how to take advantage of the iPad for interior design and furnishing, taking measurements, sketching reference elements, launching the Houzz app and experimenting with furnishing elements, sharing the result and moving on to purchase what we like directly from the tablet.

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