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Brandy, the European jingle producer based in Brussels, has just delivered the styling for ‘De Warmste Radio’, the VRT charity programme that will be broadcast simultaneously on 4 of the public broadcaster’s radio networks − Radio 1, Radio 2, MNM and Studio Brussel − on Monday, 24 December. The programme will also appear on television and can be followed via internet streaming.

Brandy produced the theme for De Warmste Radio: not a traditional radio logo, but a catchy melody that radiates great solidarity and fits the multiple radio networks, which have very different formats and target audiences. The package expresses the end-of-year atmosphere without using the traditional jingle bells.

The Warmest Jingle package includes a top of hour, 3 jingles & beds and beds for news and traffic.

The fact that Brandy is providing jingles to all but one of the VRT’s channels creates a unique radio situation. Because the commercial broadcasters of Medialaan, Qmusic (You Make The Magic) and Joe (Christmas All The Way) have also received adapted end-of-year imaging from the Belgian sonic branding house, about 90% of all Flemish radio listeners will hear programmes that have been styled by Brandy.

This is not the first time that Brandy’s productions are omnipresent on national radio within one market. That was also the case in 2010, when both public and commercial broadcasters went on air together to collect money for the victims of the earthquake in Haiti.

At that time, Brandy provided the branding for Radio 1212.

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