Jingles That Give Radio Program Wings



Busy times at Strike Jingles with incredibly nice assignments, the jingle company recently announced new jingles for national broadcaster Omroep MAX. They have a focus on listeners aged 50 and older and is therefore particularly successful in the Netherlands.

Every Monday through Thursday presenter Bert Haandrikman makes the lunch program for Omroep MAX on NPO Radio 5. Strike Jingles created the new jingles, consisting an openingstune plus four IDs.

Bert Haandrikman (Omroep MAX) made a statement about the cooperation: “The team of Strike Jingles involves you in the complete process: from the first to the last note. This creates an ultimate result and gives your program

Creative Director Strike Jingles, Anthony Timmers: “We are very honoured to work with clients who have
a big passion for music, radio and jingles. That makes the collaboration so much fun! The new jingles for
Omroep MAX have a “Classic Hits” character and fit perfectly with the playlist.”

Strike Jingles have also announced new productions for Omroep PowNed (Rick van V op 2) and BNNVARA
(Vroeg op Frank), both for NPO Radio 2. In addition, the team are also finalizing productions for Radio Weesp.

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