Where To Get Custom Professional Podcast Intros and Outros



Podcasting has finally become mainstream and podcasters only want the best for their output.

But podcasts these days are not just aimed toward subscribers.

As a podcaster who wants to build a credible brand, your podcast sound need to appeal to advertisers, sponsors, donors and partners.

Now, there are a lot of affordable and good enough services out there but if you are seeking for a customized professional intro and outro for your podcast show, a seasoned radio producer and sound engineer is what you need.

You might think it is an overkill to get a sound engineer, you only need an intro.

However, Joe D’Agostin, audio imaging-branding producer and owner of SoundFreqz.com, believes in the principle of quality.

See, podcasts are consumed in a variety of ways – smartphones, wearables, home speakers, car audio systems, there is a science behind making sound “palatable” using different media or devices.

And sound designers like Joe understands this.

In addition to production, you need to have access to top voice talents, to make your podcasts sound larger.

And if you need assistance in copy or script writing, radio producers who have decades of radio experience can definitely help you.

Online, Google should you give plenty of choices for podcast intro and outro services. There are places however where you can fine tune your search.

1.) LinkedIn.com – type in keyword podcast intros outros, or podcasting show imaging should display a list companies or individuals and check out the testimonials.

2.) Voice Talent Directories – such as Voices.com should give a myriad options and most if not all can produce intros for you

3.) Radio Services Sites – websites like RadioExpress.com has everything you need from programming, sound libraries, and custom intros and outros for podcasts.

4.) Gig or Freelance sites – such as Upworth.com can also help you outsource your podcast imaging needs.

Now to cap off, why do you need a professional and seasoned producer for your podcast.

1.) You need your podcast to appeal not just to listeners but potential partners.
2.) You want your podcast to stand out.
3.) You keep listeners coming back and get more subscribers.

Listen to this demo by Joe D’Agostin of some his amazing works as an audio imaging producer. You can follow and connect with him on Twitter @SoundFreqz.

Or visit Radio Express using the link below to inquire about a custom intro, outros and in between IDs for your podcast.


Here is what clients have to say about Joe.

Joe is a unique producer, he starts by understanding your station to find ways to improve the fell and the ratings of your station! I recommend Joe for any kind of formats. I’ve used Joe for Magic 102.7 in Miami with tremendous rating success, and now same thing here in Montreal with The Beat 92.5 – Sam Zniber, Radio Intelligence VP & Strategic Consultant

I’ve had the privilege of working with Joe for the last few years imaging our station in Miami. His work is top notch and the audio he has produced for us really pops out of the speakers and makes the station sound great. He has great flexibility and is willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done right. Joe is a total pro and the real deal – Ken Payne, Radio Programming/Marketing/Social Media Pro

Disclaimer and disclosure.

This post is not sponsored by Joe D’Agostin, Sound Freqz or any brands or products mentioned in this website. Sound Freqz however was a former sponsor of this website.

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