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Good artists copy; great artists steal!  If you take something and make it your own … it’s your design and that is the dividing line between copying and stealing. That is part of Apple’s DNA.

Steve Jobs, Apple, who does not love these names and the products they create. But it’s no secret how Steve Jobs was influenced by earlier ideas, took them and made his own creation out of them.

In radio production, nothing is really new under the sun, it’s just finding new ways to do it.

Lucky Music Radar has created a list of categorized audio samples that will help you juice more ideas for your next prod masterpiece.

That is more than 65,000 thousand free downloads.

The files are in WAV format so it’s easy to drag and drop onto your DAW.

The samples here are so diverse, every format is covered, from CHR to even Classic Hits, Urban to Old School. Check them out!

65,222 free sample downloads (A to Z)

214 free 8-bit bonanza samples

502 free ’80s samples

235 free ’80s heat samples

378 free 808 drum samples


331 free ’90s ambient samples

360 free abstract samples

266 free acoustic guitar samples

345 free Afrobeat samples

363 free alarm and siren samples

195 free ambient allsort samples

382 free ambient samples

440 free amped samples

280 free analogue circuit samples

586 free analogue drum and bass samples

261 aquatic adventure samples

404 free Arabian nights samples

462 free atmospheric samples


289 free battery-powered samples

136 free B-boy electro samples

504 free Balearic bliss samples

195 free bass boutique samples

392 free bass guitar samples

263 free bassline samples

252 free bendy bassline samples

210 free Berlin beats samples

244 free big impact samples

321 free bitcrushed samples

50 free Bomb Squad samples

355 free breakbeat samples

400 free broken beat samples


792 free carnival rave samples

464 free cartoon caper samples

438 free cheap synth samples

352 free chillout samples

437 free chunky guitar and drum samples

293 free cinematic drama samples

384 free city nights samples

976 free classic synth samples

494 free contact mic madness samples

148 free cosmic soul samples

259 free country crunk samples

475 free crate digger’s samples

1,007 free criminal damage samples

277 free cyborg beats samples


295 dance/urban pop samples

212 free dancehall samples

358 free dark dub samples

201 free deep dub samples

204 free dub drums samples

284 free digital lover samples


246 free dirty Dutch house samples

176 free dirty grime samples

280 free distorted drum loop samples

545 free domestic appliance samples

1,000 free drum samples

200 free drum ‘n’ bass breaks samples

200 free drum break samples

328 free drum ‘n’ bass samples

100 free drum’n’bass atmosphere samples

100 free drum ‘n’ bass FX samples

130 free drum ‘n’ bass pad samples

281 free dub samples

250 free dub designer samples

253 free dub percussion samples

342 free dubstep samples

160 free dubstep bonus samples

160 free dubstep bonus samples

258 free dystopian drone samples


721 free electro house samples

220 free electronic pop samples

451 free emo samples

494 free essential drum kit samples

200 free experimental lead samples

100 free experimental samples

193 free extreme bass samples


171 free feedback samples

242 free feelgood samples

1,338 free female vocal samples

294 free filthy hippy samples

563 free floor-filling samples

398 free found sound samples

189 free French house samples

376 free funk samples

289 free funk guitar samples

338 free FX samples

395 free FX and sweetener samples

410 free filter fun samples


253 free gangster sting samples

456 free great outdoors samples

703 free grime samples

272 free guitar and bass samples

216 free guitar drone samples


300 free hand control samples

252 free heavy metal drum samples

400 free heavy metal guitar samples

303 free Hi-NRG samples

316 free hip-hop samples

332 free hip-rock samples

196 free horrorscape samples

338 free house samples

253 free household rhythm samples


500 free IDM samples

500 free industrial samples

152 free industrial metal samples

459 free instant drum fill samples

246 free italo disco samples


326 free jackin’ house samples

466 free jazz club samples

626 free jazz groove samples

216 free jazz keys samples

223 free Jen SX1000 samples


167 free krautrock samples


408 free layering samples

212 free lo-fi punk disco samples

587 free lo-fi samples

166 free lounge samples

500 free loungekore samples

307 free loved-up samples


271 free malfunctioning synth samples

350 free minimal house samples

50 free Mistabishi DnB and dubstep

204 free modular madness samples

250 free modular synth samples

483 free movie soundtrack samples


502 free noise, hiss and crackle samples

253 free nu Balearic samples

426 free nu-disco samples


306 free off the grid samples

318 free old-school rave samples

464 free out there FX samples

P, Q

316 free Parisian-style samples

301 free percussion loops

204 free percussion samples

462 free pop samples

357 free Prodigy-style samples

347 free prog rock samples

225 free pure evil samples


496 free random sequence samples

285 free real-world drum samples

286 free real-world FX samples

227 free remix samples

495 free retimed and repitched samples

546 free retro and degraded samples

330 free retro house samples

223 free retro video game samples

449 free reversed samples

586 free rise of the robotsamples

713 free robotic synthpop samples

123 free Roland SH-101 synth samples.

273 free rhythmic inspiration samples



264 free sampled funk and soul samples

464 free sci-fi samples

258 free shimmer and sparkle samples

279 free sidechained and gated samples

320 free ska samples

235 free songwriter’s samples

393 free soul and funk samples

161 free stadium house samples

366 free sparse soundscape samples

265 free starting point samples

264 free stereo toolkit samples

320 free stretched samples

296 free sugarcoated samples

215 free summer lovin’ samples

503 free synth arpeggio samples

162 free synth orchestra samples

190 free synth percussion samples


503 free techno samples

441 free techno atmosphere samples

494 free techno drum and FX samples

556 free timewarp FX samples

293 free trance samples

193 free trance basics samples

382 free trance essentials samples

250 free transition tools samples

300 free trap samples

592 free tuneful toy samples

300 free twisted orchestra samples


316 free UK garage samples

477 free ultimate hi-hat samples

300 free undercover samples

429 free upfront house percussion samples

199 free uplifting samples

162 free urban rock samples


45 free Vince Watson techno samples

243 free vinyl-style samples

327 free vocal ad-lib samples

W, X, Y, Z

229 free Wavedrum samples

174 free western guitar samples

236 free wonky step samples

204 free world music samples


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